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About Wear it Kind

Here at Wear it Kind you can find soft t-shirts, sweatshirts and underwear with handprinted designs made by Wear it Kind.

Wear it Kind is a small team of ambitious and hard-working people who are enthusiastic about meaningful products. We want to spread kindness and happiness through our designs. We also like to remind people about the important things in life, such as family, friends, and love for one another. The best way we can do it is with everyday items, such as t-shirts. 

All Wear it Kind items are designed and printed by the Wear it Kind team. It is important to us that our customers enjoy the products. Therefore, every print is made with personal touch with high attention to detail - from our meticulous handprinting technique to careful packaging in our homey studio based in Latvia, Europe.


The clothes are printed in silk screen printing technique with water-based eco friendly ink, so the drawing won't crack and won't wash off. That makes all our clothing very soft and comfortable to wear.

Wear it Kind is all about unique handmade work with thoughtful design that is also fashionable and trendy.

We put our hearts and mind in our handmade pieces, we want you to feel special and stand out!